Pest control checklist to get rid of Bed bugs

Bed bugs Exterminators guide to getting rid of bedbugs

1. Wash all linens, bedding materials, clothing, stuffed animals, etc., in
the highest allowable water temperature and dry on the hottest allowable heat
2. All laundered items such as linens, clothing, stuffed animals, etc.
should be placed in new plastic bags or plastic containers, sealed tightly and
relocated to the living room.
3. All clothing items that cannot be laundered must be dry-cleaned. We
recommend leaving these items at the cleaners between the initial
treatment and follow-up visit
4. Remove all items from closets, including any items on closet shelves.
Follow the procedure above for laundering all clothing. No items should
remain in the closet.
5. Remove all miscellaneous items from dressers, night stands, chests, etc.
and place them in plastic bags or sealed containers in the center of the
living room floor. None of these items should remain in the bedroom.
6. Vacuum floors, carpets and area rugs. Use the crack and crevice
attachment around baseboards, bed frames, sofas, and other furniture
items. Discard vacuum bags or contents after use.
7. All luggage that has been used recently during travel must remain empty
so that it may be inspected and treated if necessary.
8. Remove all shelves, picture frames, artwork, wall clocks, and decorative
items from the walls and place on the floor in the same room as they were
hanging. These items must be inspected and treated if necessary.
9. All large pieces of furniture must be pulled away from the
baseboards to the centre in every room of your home.
10. Birds, cats, dogs, and humans must remain out of the home during
treatment and at least a minimum of 4 hours after the treatment is
complete. Fish, and reptile tanks must be covered or removed. Air filters
and filtration systems for aquatic fish should be turned off during
11. All mattress and box spring covers must be removed from mattresses
& box springs prior to our arrival unless you have previously installed
an encasement that was specifically designed to control, prevent, and
eliminate bed bugs.
12. Remove and discard the box spring backing (the thin, fibrous material
is stapled to the bottom of the box spring) before the treatment.
13. Cribs, crib mattresses, and other baby furniture will be inspected and
treated as needed.
14. Shoes should be placed in new plastic bags or plastic containers, sealed
tightly and relocated to the living room. If shoes can tolerate a dryer
first place them in the dryer on hottest cycle for 30 minutes. No shoes
should be left in the bedroom or closet.

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